I also think it's a positive news that Diagnocure regained the rights on GCC and they got rid of the laboratory. A future deal could bring an upfront payment and better cooperation to develop new tests. They also said that the study "VITAR 2" was still ongoing and they plan to do a presentation in the upcoming months. 

For the PCA3 sales, i'm not surprised. Like I said in my previous post, there is a delay on the sales and it was only the October 31 sales (probably the May, June and July sales of Gen-Probe). The upcoming quarter results will reflect sales of many big labs who have switched to Progensa since October. 

This is an excerpt of a news dated of 29 February 2012: "Gen-Probe plans to formally launch PROGENSA® PCA3 assay in 2012. 

PROGENSA was probably not fully launched on the sales report received for October 31, 2012.