It's just an opinion, and I'm aware it just comes across as another form of bias you can choose to throw away if you want. 

My earlier post discussed the importance of yesterday's 4.27 close being the first official close above the previous 52 W high. I believe the stinker bid of 4.06 at 11:53 a.m. is what you are eluding to as being the manipulated trade and couldn't provide an explanation for it being filled considering previous ask was 4.17.

My overall belief is what happened during the past 4 EODs. Their closes were: 4.17, 4.23, 4.23, 4.27.. The first three days had price bid up and late close. Yesterday broke that trend, signalling to me that there were no significant long positions to close at the end of yesterday's session. The open today was 4.21, only a 0..06 spread not out of the ordinary.

I am a buyer on dips due to yesterday's close. I believe the incentive to trade is dropping, and 4.24 will become the new floor. I'm only adding this perspective to the forum for anyone who may find value in it.

It's good you aren't letting this bias change your system, that's not my intention.