At 12.53 p.m. the TSX is up 65 and my account is up only about $ 100 when usually it'd be up a several thousand.  And I see why.  One of my major holdings, CTU.A is down 21 cents even though on my online brokerage account, the bids/asks have been above that all morning.  I have to think the Grumans and Jane have their brokers trade shares between them at below market prices to scare a few weak investors into a panic and sell.  I have seen this pattern repeatedly and at the end of the day, the SP will recover and even be up a few pennies.  In the meantime the insiders accumulate more and more.  There must be an assured payback in it for them to go to all this trouble.  Wish I had the resources to join their game but I'm totally invested with no cash on hand.