Technicals have been pretty accurate over past 2 run ups and consolidations (despite the myth techs don't work with illiquid low-caps). This recent pop to $4.24 is pretty key and price must close above it today to officially create a HH-HL Pivot point(4.30 right now).

Anyways, short-term MFI and RSI crossed over in med-term (before the major pops) and will trigger significant momentum on longerterm timeframes very shortly. The next logical resistance point is 5.77 for a slew of reasons... It's always amazing when technicals and fundamentals mesh. Bull channel established back on Dec 12, 2012 at 2.80 per share roughly initiates an upward angular resistance point of 5.50-6.00. 5.77 Is the fair value. There is no major previous friction level in between 4.24 and 5.50.. It'll keep climbing one step at a time until takeover.