Today, I acquired another 1700 shares at $ 3.25.  Everyone is expecting a takeover of Le Chateau, sooner than later.  All the activity of the past several months has pointed to it.  Let's be mindful that the activity is on the B, non-voting, shares so the insiders don't need to accumulate in order to take the company in whatever direction they want.  They control the A voting shares.  Therefore the only reason for their accumulation is the profit they anticipate, and it must be a heck of a profit they envision.  Another more conservative thought would be that they believe in their company (it is after all a family business) and they intend to hold on to it for the next generation.  In this scenario I would think they are planning a healthy return to the dividends, healthy enough to reward them for the capital they have dispersed.  Le Chateau has always been an investor friendly company and with a good dividend returned from a cash flow that supports it, we can expect a big rise in the SP.  Far fetched but possible and not necessarily inferior to a takeover.