Many of us contributors have been speculating on the motives behind the insider buying on CTU.A.  Is it a takeover by a US firm? Privatization?  My wife, who dosen't play the markets has come up with another possibility.  As the founder of Le Chateau is now in his 80's and his wife in her 50's and there apparently are two daughters, estate planning may be the reason.  Neither I nor my wife are qualified to assume how it would work, but is it possible that owning more shares, rather than sitting on cash, offers some sort of tax advantage for the offspring or would the estate planning angle feed into the privatization scenario?  The recent election of a minority separatist/socalist government in Quebec has struck fear into the hearts of many successful capitalists in the province.  Would trading their cash for shares offer some protection from a hungry taxman who has set its sights on the wealthy?