Well CROC really does seem to be turning the corner in terms of production and development.  This all bodes well for cash flow and operating expenses, hopefully they will not have to dilute or finance anything above what they can afford on their own in the future.  Unfortunately as another poster said, this stock is in the penalty box, otherwise the last 2 NR's would have had a much greater effect on the SP.  The only negative is that when they release their audited financials they will still be showing a huge loss due to the credit facility gold swap. (please correct me if I'm wrong)  


I had a couple of concerns with the new presentation;  Not sure why they put "Luxor has also indicated interest for any future financing"?? Why would we need any future financing, and of course they would they witnessed the highway robbery that Credit Scam got away with!!  I also didn't understand why they are amending the current debt facility to defer principal repayment?  Does this mean that they will extend the gold swap as it was basically the interest in the deal?  Not bad considering it is probably going to gross them around 100% total on the $75 million loan once it is all said and done. 


I think they are underestimating 2013 production guidance and you will see an example of this after Q1 production results are released and that's without Cosmo at full production.  I will probably wait a little longer though to re-enter a position as I don't think this will move to quickly until then.