your right even gold bug gurus are famous for this mentality especially in liquidation times. I always hold some and trade some this way it lets you know whats going on and you play both ways. This year is different than last year last year we sold off in april , no one knows if this will happen this year as it will depend on the price of gold . My opinion gold was over sold last year so we have a cushion of another 200 dollars up , might seem high but price would never of dropped below 1500 if not for some manipulation , so were just getting lost ground back  as most producers need 1500 dollars to show a profit. Then there is the chinese india  and instability factor this could force a  break  to 2000 dollar gold so i think we have a long way to go , but you will hear negative predictions from those who lost their nerve and are waiting for a pull back. Best way to play this is hang in with a comfortable long position , buy more in weakness and sell some in strength  . TMM will not steer us wrong fundamentally they are one of the best bang for your buck and we will have a 30 cent gain in 1 day yet , jmo for what its worth do your own dd