"This is likely just a short term trade as I have a feeling the slaughter in PM stocks will be protracted."


Short term trading comes across as the only way to play the JR's at present. At current prices, one would think you are an odds on favorite for a rebound in the short term. As for me, I have no idea where the bottom is in regards to not just CRJ, but in regards to every JR out here. I nibbled on some shares of v.RPM today but not because of the drill results released. Instead, because I view them as a special situation stock per a lawsuit and pending trial with CDE over some claims. Otherwise, I'm hard pressed to part with cash on hand and I think that is the greatest factor influencing the JR sector. The retail investor has been crushed and no doubt gun shy even at these prices. As for CRJ, my breakeven point is just north of current prices but should it drop ino the 30's of which I do not think it will, that is most likely when I will step back up to the plate. That said, good luck to ya. Someone somewhere has to make money off CRJ!