Post # 32161792 quote: " they produced 60,000 oz. in 2012 and are projected to increase

that to 80,000 in 2016.  That is not enough to make the stock explode in value, but they

have a very low valuation today."

I disagree; IMHO it depends on one's outlook on gold between now and 2016.  Personally,

I view the gold in the ground as if were a bank's valuable asset, stored in the underground

vault, to be saved until such asset is worth much, much more.

If one thinks that gold will be much higher by 2016, then one has to assume that those

80,000 oz. of gold production in 2016. will make the CRJ's cash flows by then, exponentially

higher.  That in itself will make the stock valuations explode from these very  undervalued

present levels.  As such, I am buying, and am thankful that such an opportunity is handed

to me on a gold platter.

CRJ is my largest holding; and I am not worried.

Well, maybe this rant is worth only a penny.