Good to hear that the shaft extension has been completed although this wasn't really in doubt and analysts who follow the company have wrote that long ago.  It's a straightforward construction job.


To keep track of my goals in investments I had printed one of the company's slides about a year ago titled "Catalysts for 2012".  I note that the shaft extension completetion was scheduled for Q3 2012.


For what it's worth, several other goals on that sheet have not yet been completed and I think we know why.


Now the company should be able to lower costs by as much as $100/oz.  I estimate that cash costs will remain over $1000/oz and this cost will only go higher for Seabee as the company depletes the shallower areas and goes deeper and deeper.  The Santoy areas offer hope in this regard as they are newer and shallower.




PS. Looking_2, this was the first message of your last 30 or so that had something meaningful for readers.  I hope you work on increasing this proportion going forward, and there is only one end that you can control.