"IMO, this will be the subject matter of the next press release.

And, I expect we'll hear on this very soon."


I'm not expecting a news release on the shaft. Per comments depicted below on 2013 production guidance, CRJ already updated shareholders on the shaft. Instead, I think we will have no new news until the end of March when Q4 earnings are released. The only exception I see is whether or not additional drilling took place on Seabee Deep and L62 where we might get a release on those results. With no known drill program in place and with CRJ indicating drilling on Santoy is to begin sometime in Q1, my guess is a slow news period in the 1H. Come the 2H, I think things can get more interesting as this is the time period when we can expect the PEA on Amisk and the scoping study on Madsen. Til then, I think we are gold price dependent as corporate news looks to be lacking outside of earnings and an occasional drill report. The good news here I suppose is that gold looks to be putting in a move past $1700 over the near term. At the very least, a lot more analysts and charters are suggesting the same.


"In 2013, we expect to complete the shaft extension in January and will continue to focus on increasing production and improving operating margins.""