The problem with CR is that they are suffering from a double whammy of depressed natural gas prices and extra wide differentials afflicting their Lloydminster heavy oil efforts. Furthermore it seems ever since the purchase of 10,600 boe/d Caltex a few years back where they paid including assumption of debt close to $620 million they have just never gotten a real handle on their three operations: Montney NG drilling, medium oil at Princess and heavy oil at Lloydminster.  They have simply taken on a lot of the attributes afflicting Penn West: Difficulty in clearly defining who they are and where they are going. The major question is: In what area do they focus and why are they not being viewed at this depressed share price as a takeout for a larger concern seeking inventory, production and reserves.At the very least they need to either sell the heavy oil component or split the NG and liquids segments into two separately focused concerns. The market clearly does not like the direction the firm is taking.