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Carpathian Gold Inc T.CPN

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): CPNFF

Carpathian Gold Inc., is an exploration and development company. It is engaged in gold exploration primarily on its property in Romania as well as gold exploration and development of the Riacho dos Machados gold project in Brazil.
Price: $0.03 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 840,325 | Day High/Low: 0.035/0.03 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.275/0.025

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All eyes on BRaZIL....FIFA world cup football

CPN can take adv of this.. Millions will be focused on BRAZil... RDM can be show cashed..!  rate and reply
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production estimate & cash burn rate

if the mill is running at 70% for these first 30days, thats roughly about 7000oz AU. with ave price of $1250, 7000oz is worth $8MM Their burn rate is $2.5MM per wk; mar 13 - $141.1MM loan mar...read more
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Negative news on CPN

This negative new campain that mr.Guy is running is v.intensional to keep the share price surpress for a potential take over. Folks new and old need to keep the FACTS in their heads. CPN is sitting...read more
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Td has a flat rate of 9.99 per trade... 7.99 over 150 trades per quarter .. Rbc too .. I've seen my trades traded within the house where it fills in multiple small amounts of 1000 or higher... Though...read more
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not an iceburg order either. it comes up on my daytrader workstation as a red (I) and was not present. computerized yes. as far as money for each trade, i have seen 99cent trades advertised. brokerage...read more
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This is clearly a computer program doing this.   No rational human being would incur the cost of a trade (roughly 20 bucks) to buy or sell 35 bucks worth of shares (in this case 1000 shares). Iceberg...read more
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Even in this market, miners see assets worth overpaying for

BRIAN MILNER Thursday, April 17, 2014 The bargain-hunters scouring the mining world for dirt-cheap acquisitions must be getting frustrated. The battle for Osisko Mining Corp. in Quebec and a Chinese...read more
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RE:RE:We are doomed here

Your right. I've only put 30 miles on my new Street Glide so far this year. Just warm up a little more, please.  rate and reply
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If it is a client of CIBC selling then it's the clients doing (or his program) that executes trades in this manner.  CIBC cannot hold back an order like you are suggesting and parcell them out in lots...read more
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Geezer21  Ill try to explain another way, because Im not very good with grammer and sometimes I confuse people. If it is a client of CIBC selling then it's the clients doing (or his program) that...read more
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CIBC Is Back At It

CIBC is back at it.  Either the computer or the trader had stopped for a half hour again but is back from a work break.  rate and reply
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I suspect this is a computer trading those small lots.  Happens a lot with computerized trading.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:We are doomed here

Kobedog1 wrote: Me, I am going to hang up bunny eggs with my grand daughters who taught me that the only important day is today.  And they are only seven, seven and five.   Live everyday like it's...read more
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"true but in this case CIBC is selling into the bid, and this process takes seconds to complete Your orders you talk about can take longer to fill because your standing in line with a 'buy' , or 'ask'...read more
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RE:We are doomed here

Go for a ride Z06  .   Spring is here. Give your bike a hug, and forget CPN. May thirtieth is an eternity away.  Today is the only day that matters.  Take a ride man.... Me, I am going to hang up...read more
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geezer21 wrote: Tthey are 1 minute apart. One order would be executed within seconds. Many of my fills do not go through within seconds.  Some of them take a very long time especially on illiquid...read more
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We are doomed here

I can see a cease trade order on it's way May 30th.  rate and reply
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CIBC Stopped

CIBC stopped selling in 1000 share lots at 2:24. The bid/ask lots through all that trading remained essentially the same.  rate and reply
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Tthey are 1 minute apart. One order would be executed within seconds. Many of my fills do not go through within seconds.  Some of them take a very long time especially on illiquid issues.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:No material changes - News Release

"THE LAST PARAGRAPH IS VERY CRITICAL. IT IS A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH FOR CPN SHAREHOLDERS," When you scream that out in capital it makes it sound ominous. The last paragraph says" "Should...read more