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Condor Petroleum Inc T.CPI

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P

Condor Petroleum Inc., is an Oil and Gas Company engaged, through its subsidiaries, in exploration and production activities in Kazakhstan.
Price: $0.375 | Change: +$0.015 | %Change: +4.17%
Volume: 221,300 | Day High/Low: 0.375/0.35 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.44/0.25

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RE:RE:more inder buying

Thats 850,000 more reasons to get in now. We are going to be much closer to the $1.00 target prise by 3 analysts. Also 1 strong buy and 1 buy recomandation on TDWaterhouse.GL http://www.4-traders.com...read more
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RE:more inder buying

Yes, it is a great sign to see shares bought so heavily on the open market.   TMX shows an insider buy of 600,000 shares today.   This was the most by volume.   Canadian Insider shows 250,000...read more
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more inder buying

more insider buying things are looking better every day. They must know the well that being drilled now looks good.  rate and reply
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Condor has a lot going for it right now and is ready to take off and you say this is the time to get out. Either you want the price to drop so you can get in or you just do not know a good company...read more
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Reasons to get into Condor now.

Multiple near-term catalysts    High impact 2014 exploration program to grow the  reserve base   Targeting 66 MMboe unrisked mean  recoverable*   Transitioning existing discoveries to...read more
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RE:condor pete

pete is right.this smells to me like t.i.d. and et al, in my opinion i would suggest to get out before she goes under.  rate and reply
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condor pete

Pete you are saying nothing has been done with Condor back to 2010. Maybe you should follow there web site. This is how they said it would go and this was there plan to start with. I was one of the...read more
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Condor Pete

What have they done since 2010????? At this time we had in Mikwan Alberta 51,7 boe/d production.In Spirit RiverAlberta 113 boe/d, They had the huge Marsel field in Kazakhstan the Harbour at Aral sea ....read more
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I was told today by IR that they are starting their six well drilling campaign this month and that they should have some news soon. If the team do as well with Condor as they did with Osisko, I will...read more
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Q2 Financials are usually due on June 30

From what I saw on their website and Financial reports Q2 is out on June 30th usually. Perhaps they are busy drilling or production testing on the 2 shallow wells to get the final numbers. I think the...read more
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Yes Horn1369 Condor is drilling a deeper well right now this one is 4600 m targeting 50 mm boe. I like what I see when you see the insiders buying stock right now. Very good chance some good news...read more
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Hockey55, interesting info on management. I read back their news, they have not come out with news for spuding wells as far as I can tell. They said in their news May/14 that drilling will start in...read more
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The key people in this deal is Eurasia and the people that managed Osisko. That started Osisko with 20 cent stock and taken the stock to $16.00. Osisko today is worth 3 or 4 billion. This are the...read more
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the Company is really good.But they have the worst Management I ever saw!  rate and reply
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Condor is drilling right now and with all the insider buying as of late this looks like things are good. I own some of this stock and will try to pick up more as soon as I can. Look up there web site...read more
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RE:Question for longs here.

They said June but there has been no news.  I emailed IR yesterday but have not had a response yet. FWIW, I was encouraged by the insider buying so I established a small position a few weeks ago...read more
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Question for longs here.

Thinking about taking a position here, does any one know if CPI is going to drill this Summer? Thanks  rate and reply
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what does votes withheld mean?

beside dawsons name can anyone tell me what that votes withheld means on the election of the board members thanks!  rate and reply
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I was just told that the drilling will start June first.  rate and reply
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Sorry I just seen your post. Yes Condor will start now with there 2014 drilling program. Condor has budgeted 26.5 million for the drilling program and the two shallow exploration prospect wells is...read more