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Condor Petroleum Inc T.CPI

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P

Condor Petroleum Inc., is an Oil and Gas Company engaged, through its subsidiaries, in exploration and production activities in Kazakhstan.
Price: $0.31 | Change: $-0.01 | % Change: -3.12%
Volume: 7,750 | Day High/Low: 0.31/0.31 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.62/0.25

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cash flow

Condor will be start drilling 6 wells that are in the 2014 budget. 3 exploration wells target 66 MMboe recoverable, also an appraisal well of last year's Kiyaktysai discovery will be drilled. Two...read more
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stock moving today

New investors will start to buy this stock now as Condor's plans are working. And this is what Condor said they were going to do from the start. For all the share holders that have held on to this...read more
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RE:yes I agree

oil is a hundred,and canadian dollar down,which is good for the patch and nat is gas flying,i hope dawson and wright do well for you shareholders.I hope this isnt another t.i.d. et al for all of you...read more
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yes I agree

I know some of the Directors and Don Streu is a person I trust. I have invested in other stocks where I have heard the same thing and I did very well on my investment.  rate and reply
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RE:Walter Dawson

The problem is not if they are caring about investors or not ... the problem is they  are lying and giving  wrong information, incorrect balance sheet,  assets value not correct, etc. and in case of...read more
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Walter Dawson

If you are telling us that some Director cares about him self and not the investors than well come to the stock market. Not all but there is many Directors on companies that only think about personal...read more
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Donald Wright , another value destroyer on board

He's part of Tuscany board, also at Condor Petroleum, this guy together with Walter Dawson will destroy your company, watch out  rate and reply
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RE:RE:walter dawson

hey.a toad could of sold saxon when walter did.I for one will not invest ever again if he has anything to do with a company.  rate and reply
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RE:walter dawson

We thought the same about Walter (check Saxon Energy)  ..there is a huge mismatch between the public announcements and what is going on really. We hope Condor will be a good investement just be...read more
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RE:Condor update Billion Barrel Potential

This Management is a nightmare. They didn`t reach any milestone in 4 years. Management Play-take care.  rate and reply
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Condor update Billion Barrel Potential

Condor's update can be seen on there webpage. It has taken some time for Condor to get here but Condor has covered a lot of acres getting the 3d seismic done and it is paying off now. The next high...read more
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walter dawson

Walter Dawson is a Director and maybe you are right. But Condor has Don Streu as President and Director and Sean Roosen and John Burzynski as Directors the people that started Osisko and look where it...read more
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This  looks simular to TID  rate and reply
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RE:Be carefull Walter Dawson is onboard

WOW SCAREY  rate and reply
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Be carefull Walter Dawson is onboard

Be carefull guys if you don't want to lose your money.... Don't trust what directors are saying. check what happened with tuscany drilling..walter dawson is the CEO.of tuscany and he is one of...read more
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Walter Dawson will bankrupt this company

Just like he did with Tuscany a few days ago. He also admitted to acting against the public interest back in 2009,  sanctioned by the Alberta Securities Commission with only 25k, a ridiculous amount...read more
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700,000 volume today

Not sure why 700,000 shares moved today, Looks like some investors are sick of this company and just want out at loss. But than you is buying?  rate and reply
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seeing some movement

anyone have some other insight to this? thanks in advance  rate and reply
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worst management ever

hard to believe that they are working!!http://canadianinsider.com/node/7?menu_tickersearch=CPI+|+Condor+Petroleum 30 Cent per share . Be sure new options are coming for the management. Maybe at 30...read more
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This company

is a nightmare for investors. I`m sure  that KN N201 isn`t working at all. Worst management I`ve ever seen.  rate and reply