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Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. T.CPH

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
Alternate Symbol(s):  CPHMF | CPHR

Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops improved formulations of existing drugs. It search for products based on currently marketed molecules paired with a novel drug delivery technology for enhanced performance.
Price: $13.00 | Change: +$0.47 | %Change: +3.75%
Volume: 25,270 | Day High/Low: 13.19/12.54 | 52 Week High/Low: 19.52/7.41
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0 stars

Looks like no more sellers at these levels as price spikes.

Up 0.47 cents on only 25,270 shares traded.  Seems no one can buy more then a few shares now at these levels without the price starting to spike.  Maybe a move to break out on the upside soon.  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

Hey you two, don't ignore fact CPH said "...WITHIN 2 years." Talking of ignore, I have actually made you the ignores, in the company of that multiple personality 11thedave, davethis and dave thaat more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

Your have multiple IDs and maybe a little gang as well on this board and others. Look up the word accretive. I took accounting you obviously did not. They should have said net accretive for more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

TS. Do you take every person who says something midly negatie about CPH as me? The person who posted about it just being a sales platform isn't me. You do see the difference right? Honestly, what more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

You didn't say anything? Bull, the analysist & Cipher didn't say it is a bad deal that is what you say, oh it s going lower bad deal. You say just a sales platform more lies. What about the more
5 stars

RE:RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

It sorta pains me to say this, but I think Styless is right. Not acretive does not necessarily mean dilutive, since there was no share issuance the only way it can be non-acretive is if Innocutis more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

hey man, i'm just literalyl quoting research and the company. I didn't interpret or say anything. Looks like we're headed for a lower open again  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

Stupidess you paint the most negative picture possible. By accretive Cipher means that Innocutis will have made the money back Cipher invested in 2 years.  Innocutis made 10 million last year, more
0 stars

RE:Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

once again, you fail to realize the logical mid point. Buy assets at a reasonable price. That's the happy medium. I'm sure 2 years from now, the deal will be great. haha In the end, i'm glad they more
0 stars

Stupidess bashes no matter what Cipher does!!!

Stupidess says it is bad when Cipher does not spend money to buy new drugs. When Cipher buys new drugs it is bad because cash flow is diluted. How does stupides expect Cipher  to buy drugs more
0 stars

RE:RE:Well said mjh9413 make more posts like this

It's not a matter of profitability or not. It's a matter of does the profitability reflect the valuation in which a company trades at? Clearly no one is excited about the quarter. Stock is drifting.  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Stocks go up and down long term is what matters

what are you talking about. It's the company's words. won't be accretive for 2 years. are you so one sided you can't ackowledge when you ask for something and i provide? You said prove it. I sent more
0 stars

RE:Well said mjh9413 make more posts like this

Yes , thank you.  I will be grateful to see this bashing disappear.  A new quarter is being finalized.  Do we think that Cipher stopped making profit? Really Now!  It has a low float so it has its more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:Stocks go up and down long term is what matters

So Cipher spent some money to buy more products and you say that is bad / dilutive? The analysist never said it was bad as you slant it as you do everything when you want to buy back into a more
0 stars

Well said mjh9413 make more posts like this

Don't leave it to styless stupidess to control the board with his lies  rate and reply
0 stars


You 2 can argue as much as you want (nothing has changed over the past year,eh) but surely the relevant elements here are that CPH is at last using its cash and that it is buying both approved and more
0 stars

RE:RE:Styles the small time fool penny stock day trader

I notice you left out the penny stocks from your phony list.  rate and reply
0 stars

Notice of Cipher Q1 2015 Conference Call May 13, 2015

[ Notice of Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. more
0 stars

RE:RE:Stocks go up and down long term is what matters

Dilutive deal? How?  Did they issue new shares?? Be specific basher I know you fall apart when you have to be specifc instead of your general, foggy, negative, comments, that mean nothing when more
0 stars

RE:Stocks go up and down long term is what matters

omg. are you really making a comparison to Appple? really?  really? REALLY??? Cipher did a 2 year dilutive deal. Diversification had it's cost. Market obviously not giving it much credit more