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Craig Porter, senior portfolio manager with Front Street Capital related to BTE
Q&A: The best dividend stocks in the resource sector
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
We've been saying for the past few years that we expect oil to stay in a $80-100 price range. Currently world supply/demand of oil remains fairly well balanced. Most OPEC countries are currently producing at their limit and the only real growth outside of them is happening in NA. So, we don't see a big drop in oil coming any time soon.
We own and like Crescent Point and Baytex. We feel that now is a good time to buy Crescent Point below $40. Baytex we like as a longer-term hold. They have suffered this year due to the heavy oil differentials, but have great assets for the dividend model. We don't hold Cenovus.
We feel that the changing demographics and the desire for yield are two trends that are not changing any time soon. The opportunity being provided in NA resource stocks currently will ensure that we have a number of companies to meet these needs going forward. Thanks everyone.