CPG is a good one.  The dividend is sustainable.  As long as the dividend is sustainable CPG won't yield more than 8%, the market won't allow it, which leaves strong support around 35$.  If market sentiment ever changes for Canadian oil and gas then CPG will be well positioned for some earnings growth.   Enjoy the 7.5% divy while you wait.  Descending tops are certainly a worry, but there are plenty of buyers.


As a side note, I think CPG is an excellent hedge against the ever building tensions in the Middle East.  We all know about Syria, but Iraq is on fire again and Lebanon is on the cusp of being drawn into another Civil War.  Iran and Turkey are seeing record protest turnouts and Israel is ready to strike Russian made and delivered S-300 missile systems.  If tensions in the ME continue to escalate it will further support the price of oil.  If things deteriorate, Canadian oil starts looking a whole lot more attractive.  IMHO