Pipelines, like the railroads, are deemed a necessity in the best interests of National Security. As such, National interests will take precedent - after all, we are all a part of Canada. No outside entities or special interest groups will dictate to Canada how to run their country, nor should they. Do you truly believe some of the largest identified global oil reserves will be held hostage because Native groups want a bigger piece of the pie? The Federal Government probably wants this issue to be resolved amicably, but if it isn't, do people actually believe the final result will be anything other than a pipeline to the west coast? Are there any other viable options? Perhaps if some miracle substance is discovered that economically replaces hydrocarbons in its entirety will these ambitions be derailed, but until then, BC can look forward to an economic stimulus it hasn't seen in quite some time. The unions are probably scrambling to prepare for the likelihood of a brotherhood taking over every aspect of this operation, from cradle to grave. Technology will prevail, and all will see the benefits will far outweigh the costs.