Despite the repeated lies and shady backroom deals, BC LiEberals shockingly got re-elecetd in BC after a MAJOR US style attack campaign on their super spineless opponents, Dix and the NDP.  

Here's the deal, the BC LiEberals have conveniently already handed over the final pipeline decision making power to the Harper Cons, so all bets are on, that the pipelines go ahead, despite the huge wailing and gnashing of teeth from environmentalist's (most of BC) and Native groups.

  i.e.  Don't blame us , we're innocent! Harper gave the final pipeline go ahead, not us poor innocent BC Liberal slobs !

 4 more years of these sneaky ba$trds should really have BC'ers foaming at the mouth - but the NDP so far are a bunch of useless twits that think and election campaign is a PTA meeting - LOL