I totally agree with valu_nvestor, though I would add it is likely the people freaking out bought it at 45.00+ and have a very short-term horizon and do not have a full grasp of the company's fundamentals.  Hey, there is no shame in buying at a higher price (my average cost for CPG shares are still in the low to mid 40s).  But I am not freaking out in any way due to exactly what valu_nvestor said: there is a nice, solid, sustainable dividend that I DRIP at much lower prices, which helps to slowly lower my average cost every month.  And I have been buying on the dips.  I believe CPG to be a very solid company, I believe in Saxberg's management capabilities and in the management team, I like their earnings and cash flow and balance sheet, and obviously I love the dividend.  I am also a long-term investor, so these up and downs don't bother me...too much...and I buy on dips.  I personally don't understand why people react with angst every day there is a dip - I am not sure that watching the share price daily is healthy.  I personally research a company, and if I like the fundamentals, I buy in no matter what the price, since I do not have the brains nor the skills to accurately predict and time the market.  Whether the price goes up or down, I am in for the long term, am collecting a nice dividend and supporting a well run company.  I also look at other oil companies and competitors and if the whole sector is in a funk, I just wait it out, and stop looking at the stock price daily.