I don't know why i care to say this but i see you freaking out about CPG for no reason unless you bought it at $45+. First CPG is indeed overvalued and here is why. High dividends, solid management, solid assets and oil-weighted. Management has more or less delivered on what they promised. 

Second, people choose CPG for the dividends rather than the capital appreciation (more long term kinda stock) however it remains true that you should try to get into the stock for the lowest possible. 

Third, I personally like to accumulate CPG shares if it hits 37.5 or lower and here is why. The 7% div provides a cushon for me in that if the stock goes down to %7 ($34.88 IMHO, i think it is highly unlikely), I still can break even by holding the stock for a year. Otherwise, I am getting my 7% plus any capital appreciation. 

My advice is to never buy on analyst recommendation. Their target price is mostly if everything goes right, which it doesn't in real life. Do the NAV, Cashflow, BOE evaluations and decide for yourself.