kikininteeth... i dont know the kind of relationship you have with retired but i dont think he posts in hopes of creating artificial excitement for the stock.  I like hearing where fund managers are putting their money.


i do agree with you though the more active fund managers will have no trouble recommending a buy one day and selling into strength the "next".  you gotta think, i do at least, that nuttall (as an example) is going to unload some of his 9.5% of his portfolio position in cpg as it approaches $40, $41 and $42.  I'm guessing he'll still probably keep pretty close to a full position for his portfolio but I think its a little unrealistic to expect a fund manager to keep a nearly 10% position in an oil stock as oil pushes toward $100 and the tsx trades at a 18 month high. 


I could be totally wrong.  these are just my opinions.  I do think though that alot of cpg's slide is a result of the rules being tightened for foreign takeovers.  I think the expectation was cpg will hit 100,000 boe/d and then a major would take them out.  the size of cpg's marketcap now, in my opinion, makes this, in my opinion, a less likely event.  It is nice, however seeing insiders buying regularily down here, the debt to cash flow low and lots of room on the balance sheet with a growing production profile.