Agree completely.  I am very particular about people's recommendations on TV, but I have seen John Goldsmith before, and he is a very well-informed, very articulate, very balanced and very knowledgable industry executive. 

All of the people freaking out over recent share price dips may be thinking only of short term gains.  I have been buying CPG on the dips (and yes, there have been many in the past month), lowering my average cost (which is very high still - around $41.90).  Relying on the regular dividends to help cushion the blow, I will ride this until the stock recovers, which I believe it will.  It warms the heart to know that guys like John Goldsmith see CPG as a great opportunity, which it is at the moment.  And don't forget, I of all people have every reason to freak out given my average cost for this stock, but my horizon is long term and I believe that CPG will reward investors in the long term.