Lol, Bakken, you got caught with your pants down on this one, as you very clearly didn't bother to listen to the clip. And, think of it, you gave 1's to retiredcf for something you of all people should be touting from the rooftops!

John Goldsmith gives a great interview, and obviously really knows his stuff. He spends most of the segment talking up the very companies you think so highly of -- Inter Pipeline and Pembina -- and he does this with a well-argued, entirely convincing enthusiasm. Honestly, you'd think his secret name was Bakken13 or somethin'.

The part of his thesis regarding CPG is that investors should avoid heavy and crude oil producers right now because refinery shutdowns are adding to the serious problem of price differentials between Brent and WTI, where the latter is so low it requires stock issuance just to maintain capex, and not to buy assets. Companies producing light oil in, for example, the Bakken region will also do well in the present environment, and hence the fact that Goldsmith and his company are "locked and loaded" on Crescent Point.