I know insider purchasing doesn't measure the value of a company, but Paul Colborne, Director of CPG bought an additional 18,000 shares at prices between $36.14 and $36.97 on Dec 6 and 7.  This was an increase to his holdings of 16.7%.  Mr. Colborne has purchased 88,000 shares since November 19th, 2012.  If my math is correct, he holds around 125,000 shares right now.

I think someone previously posted this information, but to recap:

Trent Stangl, VP Investor Relations and Marketing bought 3,000 shares at $36.25 on December 6th.

CEO Scott Saxburg also purchased around 5,000 shares on November 28th at prices between $38.85 and $38.90.

I like the recent insider purchasing as it shows they believe in the company at this price level.  Over the last 30 days insiders have purchased $3.7m worth of stock in CPG, no sells recorded.