Hi Tesh,

Thank You for the most asute post.

Growth via debt vs aqusistion. This is a topic we could chat about. My take aqiusition isn't a plus for a short term view.A long term view it is most positive. Add the variable of a spike in the price of a pail of Black Gold and the value of the company will become more valuable due to less debt. The shareprice rises, the POR drops,and the chance of a dividend increases.

In the rapid growth stages such as CPG is doing now the shareprice is static and the dividend is sustainable.

When the stellar management finds nothing to buy that will be accretive,and Capex become less the shareprice will shoot to the moon,and the dividend will also increase.

Forums are full of folks that are here to learn,folks that are very sage,folks that post to pump to dump,etc.