Bandit, you are full of the brown stuff that comes from the no go hole!!

Show a screen shot of your short position in CPG, otherwise quit trying to make people believe you actually shorted it.  If you actually did short it and timed it right, you may have done so at $42.50ish.  No way you did it in the $46 range.  So from $42.50 to $37 you are up 12%.  You've been paying about .55% yield to us per month since your short.  If the price stabalizes here for the next 8 months you will have paid about 6.5% dividend yield to all of us longs.  So you are up 5%... yay!  During the same time we were accumulating shares and collecting the dividend.  One day those shares + dividend will be far greater than the 5% you "made" shorting it.