Now I have no problem when people make comments on a potential trade (long or short) but I have been a shareholder of CPG for a number of years and plan on holding the stock for the foreseeable future.  What this company does best is identify properties and drill.  CPG does not dilute the stock just for fun.  They have a plan and right now it has been easy for them to get the equity financing to either fund drilling or to purchase properties.  The dividend is sustainable if only because a majority of the shareholders take that dividend in stock (DRIP) and not cash (I am not one of them).  The company is also managing their income through hedging their production and if any pipeline is built through the middle of the continent they will be in an excellent position to take advantage of it.  Until I see otherwise I will stick with them, bank the dividend and wait out the short term volatility for long term gains which I think will be significant.