david1, you are going to watch your capital disappear just to have a dividend??  that is a big mistake... BIG!!


"I still hold CPG in one of my accounts and will continue to hold due to the dividend. But it is disconcerting to see the share price drop since Sept. so fast and it makes me wonder if a dividend cut is coming. All I know is CPG should be trading much higher than this due their properties with all the drilling that is ahead."

The dividend was never sustainable to begin with and the jig is up as they say.  You are 100% wrong that it should be trading much higher.....100% wRONG!!!!  MUCH "lower" and you'd be right. 


Make sure to mark this post so that when all of the cultists come out to say how wrong I am, that you have a reference and so I dont have to come back and say I told you so.  I hate when I have to do that.....well....not really, I quite enjoy it actually.....hahahahaha