Hi Cosford74,

I don't waste my time watching pumper/dumpers on TV. For that matter I would assume all that is spoken on BNN etc. is info you can gleen freely company reports.The "talking heads" "self proclaimed experts" seen on TV have the same information as you.What they have is there own self interests and a venue to espouse them.

Whom ever Mr./Ms. Acker /ACK is appears to control other peoples money as a simple working stiff.

If he has been short on CPG for 3 years and coming up with .23 cents/per share every month the "flock" is getting fleeced.

It's .23 cents  in Scottie's benifit.

When the CEO of CPG no longer finds any more accertive assets to buy the share price will rise past through $50-$60 on static oil prices.The factoring in of rail transport and rise in oil price will only exemplify this.