Despite the hardship of working from the damp corner of a glorified broom closet reeking with putrid odors from 27  $6.25 an hour low-life "bashers " , I'm able to recognise the gifted intellect of a financial Guru like the " Ack " .

 He has constructed a scale model of all producing assets of CPG in the basement of his split level bungalow outside of Bellville , he has measured and weighed all corporate assets , counted every well , checked the tires on evey vehicle ,and peered into the refrigerators in the employees lunchroom .

You may well choose to ignore this living , breathing poster-boy for Due Diligence's advice and follow the misguided stock purchases of some " insider " who merely administers the company . 

I'll be at the " Ack " 's BBQ party when the stock hits $24.35 and you will be on stockchase scrolling through the Great One's previous Top Picks in a desperate attempt to salvage whats left of your plummeting portfolio !