Just a tip on the price of Syncrude oil. Watch the news and see how many times " Canada is losing $25 billion per year" is mentioned. To me, that means the Federal Government is going to ram the Northern Gateway ( or another Canadian pipeline) through. They seem to be saturating the market with a message right now. Once everyone gets that it is $25 billion look for what the $25 billion means to you ( guarantees your CPP balances budget, provides heath care, jobs in Ontario and Quebec or whatever sells) as the next step in turning public opinion. As a BC resident I currently only hear that the risk of a spill is not worth the reward especially since the reward for the average BC resident is deemed minimal. Now, if we phrase that as how much more are you willing to pay to fill your gas tank or are you willing to risk your CPP public perception changes. Suddenly oil spills seem more worth the risk.