you must have missed this headline

International Energy Agency’s 2012 World Energy Outlook predicts that the U.S. will be the world’s largest oil producer by 2017....or don't you believe the IEA?

You honestly think that OPEC will be telling the US how much they should be charging themselves for oil coming out of the ground in the US?....I must be missing something!

The US will be in a position to be able to tell OPEC where to shove it, the US has been under the thumb of the Arab nations for long enough as have many other nations, I doubt they will stay with Arab oil or Candian oil any longer than they have to, they will be in a position to set whatever price suits the US in the same way the Arabs have been sticking it to everyone else.

This will also help the US out of the problems they find themselves in right now.

But it will unfortunately leave the oil sands without a viable market IMHO.

That is my DD