A broken watch is correct twice a day.

Even IF the u.s. (small type intended) does become the number 1 exporter of oil and oil products the issue will actually be : " Where will the u.s. be as a financial power ?".  

Within the same time frame ( by 2020 +/-) Red China will have become the leader in the World Economy.  Will hold more factory, middle class workers, and have greater internal economic expansion potential.  All while holding vast quantities of u.s. DEBT.  Debt that either will be used to influence u.s. policy and direction OR be placed into the world markets further reducing the value of the constantly printed u.s. fiat dollar, ie continuing u.s. fiat devaluation.   So why be so enamored with the u.s. ?

The best thing Canada can do is get oil sands and other oil production heading to their East and West Coasts. Offering easier export to China, Japan, India, and competing for sales in Europe with Brent. 

Plus by jumping now into Bakken shale now puts you behind.  You are chasing the herd ( a bad place to be - Financially).  You should have been looking at this area a few years back before the "secret" was out.  There were Canadian companies with early exposure to the Bakken, BTE for one, which made good money for it's unit holders now shareholders. ( I currently hold positions in both COS and BTE, as long term investments).

But as always DYODD.  Each of us have different reasons for our specific style of investing (or trading).  My concerns my not hold the same value as your own strategic investment plan.

Gb , A Yankee LONG, long COS and BTE, and holds ZERO equities in u.s. companies (FWIW).