I've read this board many times. Quality is tiresome and an enigma for those who don't see what is being done. For those wondering - yes there is money in blogging. There is only good money in blogging if the blogger can increase the SEO (search engine results). Therefore, a blogger works on improving SEO anyway possible. One of the best ways is "lots of fresh content". A blogger is mainly trying to impress a computer bot - not a human being.

What we think of Quality is not too important to him or her. It's the bot's results which count and eventually produce a higher ranking and more ancillary income from running ads or selling subscriptions. Bloggers build rankings over time. One works and works and works on "tons of fresh content". You don't worry much about the readers except to sound relavant and even that is geared toward the "mindset" of a computer bot at a place like Google.

Short answer for those who wonder about Quality. I've written several books on this topic and teach it too. Quality doesn't care about us or our opinions. He will one day if he builds a top blog ranking. My guess is he wants to run a stock blog in the energy sector. The other guess would be he is a paid, guest blogger. Gets paid per post.

It is only entertaining to see him/her in the right lite.