Please provide  link to support your item 4 please with who, what, and when.  I believe Patagonia has also made mention of the mystery nearby shale oil success and has also never provided a link when asked by me.  There is no mention of item 4 in the CNE news release as I read it?


I stand to be corrected, no problem.


So you feel Exxon had prepared for high pressure...just not as high as was encountered LOL

Your the one making things up.


At the end of the day, no quantifiable UNCONVENTIONAL oil, and lets wait 6-9 months to re-evaluate, a drilling fowl up is still a fowl up! HAHA


My disappointment is with the drill results it's never been with the POTENTIAL for unconventionl oil.


I guess the market got the news wrong then as reflected by the current share price?