Disagree - the next financials will be bad. CNE isn't know for it's fiscal restraint. The fact that production is down to 5k bopd (if that), and combined with the limited CAPEX for 2013 I'm willing to bet we see another unimpressive Q result. I think this company needs a bit of a kick in the pants as far as management is concerned. These guys have dropped the ball - communication from Flick is almost non-existent, there's not much to go in the recent NRs, and there's been 2 (or 3?) presentations in the last 10 months. I suspect if they don't start increasing production from LLA-23, or from VMM-2, or SI, then we'll see another financing and further dilution. I have no idea why they're dragging their feet with the land they have...they're just flushing it all away.