Daily Commentary

Our system posted a SELL CONFIRMED today. The previous BUY recommendation was issued on 12.20.2012 (14) days ago, when the stock price was 3.0000. Since then CNE has gained 3.33% .

SELL-IF is confirmed by a black candlestick with a lower open. The selling price is today's open ( 3.1700 ) according to the Rules of Confirmation.

The recent bearish pattern leading to the SELL-IF signal is confirmed today. The market is poised for a bearish move. It opened today with a gap-down and the day’s activity resulted in a close lower than the open. This is one of our valid bearish confirmation criteria.

We hope that you sold this stock . You should watch the downward gap in the opening, wait a bit, feel the bearish tendency of the market making sure that prices stay below the opening price and then sell your shares. Your benchmark was the opening price of the downward gap. A weakness in prices is implied as long as the prices stay below the benchmark.

If you sold, keep away from this stock until the confirmation of a new BUY-IF signal. What to do if you did not already sell? Maybe you did not have time to follow the session or you simply delegated the delicate job of confirmation to us. Well, it is a bit late, but not too late. You may still find suitable prices for selling your shares in the following sessions.

The market is an inviting one for short-sellers. Risk lovers may now go for short sale.

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-0.1000 -3.13%
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