With a price target of $13.50 in 2013 Canacol is truely Going much higher after 10/1 split and Takeover of Shona. In Fact, Mackie Research UpGraded Canacol Energy Today to $1.35/$13.50 per share. Mackie says $1.35/$13.50 Canacol Energy UPGRADED!!! TD Upgraded Canacol energy to .90/ $9.00 tomorrow. However Mackie is Bullish in Upgrade of CNE Canacol Energy Mackie Research says that after 10 for 1 split in a month, Canacol Energy Price Target is now Upgraded to $13.50 per share! Margin Stock, and Bashers here will NOT be on this Board, penny stock Bashers paid peanuts to bash, Uneducated .... LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE UPGRADES!!! cANACOL 2013 = $13.50 ACCORDING TO MACKIE RESEARCH