When investing in a junior company VOLUME, SP and POTENTIAL for growth are the key criteria for taking the risk.

This proposed consolidation of 1/10 will take away the VOLUME, which happens to be the most important criteria right now, that the risk is dropping and the potential for growth of CNE is so good.

In terms of future growth is not the same to have for example 100000 shares at 0.30  than 10000 shares at 3.0; while in terms of the current value, both products are equal.

If you look at it from the potential growth, if the SP increased 0.5, the volume of 100000 shares would give you a benefit of  50000 while the second volume would only give you 5000.

In my opinion, the Shona deal is masking this unacceptable loss. 

I hope I am wrong please correct me!.