The BOD is doing the consolidation to actually try to help the sp not make it worse. There are many managed funds that are not allowed to access stocks that trade under a buck. Too much on the wild side for their clients. CNE hopes to tap into that market. They also mentioned it would improve their financing efforts which we all know is key to the survival of any exploration company. Most likely they would be expecting better borrowing rates and a larger capital pool to open up for them. As for overpaying for Shona, maybe a bit for these times but you have to trust that the BOD is qualified in making the correct strategic decisions that will help the corporation down the road or why bother to invest in this company? Natural gas is cheap and over produced in North America but it sells for a lot more in other parts of the world. Shona also adds extensive E&P acreage that the people that run CNE must of deemed promising or why put the shareholders through this? Management is taking advantage of the overall drop in share prices across the board for juniors. If they have a chance to get bigger and stronger faster at a fraction of the cost why not go for it?