I agree 1320racing.  The fear of this consolidation is blinding people.  I really don't think they understand how much stronger the consolidation will make the company.  I bought in back at .98 and my position is small, I should by crying fowl and screaming 'vote no', but when a company has as much land as we do and as much potential production as well as solid revenue, a 90 million share structure with a share price attractive to investors is a big winner.  I've already voted my 'un-impressive' holdings to yes.  First - consolidate, second - list on TSX, third - pump up production with help from the big boys like shell and exxon, fourth - go on a massive drilling campaign in the properties we have 80-100% working interest, fifth - profit.

Negative consolidations are usually companies who are not doing well and have a negative share structure caused by their inability to gain a profitable foothold in the market.  Positive consolidations are companies like this looking to strengthen and expand the company into a much larger entity.  AKA a major Colombian player.