.Mackie Research UpGraded Canacol Energy Today to $1.35 per share. Mackie says $1.35 Canacol Energy UPGRADED!!! TD imo will Upgrade to .95 cents tomorrow. However Mackie is Bullish in Upgrade of CNE Canacol Energy Alert: Canacol Energy, Crosses The Rubicon — the point of no return which Julius Caesar marked with the words “alea iacta est” (the die is cast). Yes LLA 23 is a Company Maker for Canacol energy a .29 cent oil producer, profitable today YES as Canacol hits Oil Discovery at there LLA 23 Block today Dec. 2012 Oil Discovery of 2,000 BARRELS GROSS or 1,470 barrels net to Canacol Energy. 80% of Oil Block LLA 23 is owned by Canacol (CNE) with news out, Canacol energy hits 70 FEET OIL FROM 3 oil producing zones at this New Oil Well, in C7, Gacheta, and Ubaque Oil Zones, Which are now on Canacol energy website, puts out New Presentation Dec 4th/ 2012. Charle Gamba, President and CEO of Canacol, stated "We are pleased by these positive results, which set up the potential to access meaningful near term light oil production and cash flow from the LLA 23 contract. The Labrador discovery is one of 6 prospects that we have identified on the LLA23 block on the basis of recently acquired 3D seismic, and we are very satisfied that the first one we drilled encountered a significant light oil accumulation. Once we have the proper drilling permits in hand, we plan to aggressively drill this block to grow our production base in Colombia during 2013." Canacol Energy (cne) Top Pick for 2013, this profitable Oil Producer, Hitting Gushers in Oil went from 1,000 boed in 2009 to 25,000 yes 25,000 Barrels per day production. Canacol (cne) Top Pick in 2013, NOW..Canacol Energy (cne) Has 6 Fantastic Major OIL PARTNERS, with SINOCHEM, EXXON, PACIFIC RUBIALES, SHELL, ECOPETROL, and SCHLUMBERGER. ONE of these Majors will Buyout there Partner Canacol Energy imo. Chinese most likely SINOCHEM HEAVY OIL PRODUCER, PARTNERS IN CAPELLA OIL FIELD. Canacol's New Oil Field at LLA 23 $111 per barrel x 1,466 barrels daily (Brent Pricing in Colombia) looks like a Buyout in 2013 clearly, with there Major Partners, Christmas $ = Canacol energy. TD was Right! .85 + Canacol hits new oil fields north of Rancho HERMOSO there main oil field with 300% better NETBACKS$$$$ 80% OWNED BY CANACOL ENERGY (CNE).TD has a .85 CENT per share target on Canacol energy (cne). .Carrao Energy Bought by Canacol Energy last Nov. 2011 was a Very Smart Buy, management Proves how Smart they are, with the Buyout of Carrao. Already Paid for in 4 months Farmouts to EXXON, and SHELL, plus Pacific Rubiales gave $4,000,000 to run Portofino oil block (heavy oil) Carrao paid for in only 4 months, now Huge Oil Find, 80% to Canacol Energy at Labrador Block LLA 23 Hits$ 1,900 barrels of Oil daily Light Oil which Canacol says it will sell now at $111 per barrel (brent prices) must say Canacol Management is Smart, in 1 week another Great Buyout 50,000,000 reserves P2 says Dec 14 Shona Energy, bought by Smart Canacol Management Team! Canacol Energy (cne) love the strong base canacol is making, the longer the base the higher the >>>> Tech. Trader know this fact, how much will it cost someone like Exxon to Buy Canacol's oil lands in Colombia, Canacol Energy has the Goods, Steak BNN says. In Fact the Best Oil Companies in the World, Partner With CNE "Canacol Hits a Gusher".Exxon (1) Sinochem(2) Shell(3) Schlumberger(4) PACIFIC RUBIALES(5) ECOPETROL (6) for Canacol Energy(CNE) Canacol Energy UP 16% today, Truely think CNE going much higher, daily higher oil numbers and great deals Strong Management team.Best Oil Companies in The World. HUGE OIL Fields Capella 2 Billion Barrel Reserves everyone knows and land all around Capella 1,000,000 acres. Plus Ecuador, plus Rancho Hermoso, AND NOW lla 23 new oil fields..Barrels Daily, with Oil at $110+ in 2013. Furthermore, OIL Shale 3 land packages, Exxon, China's Sinochem, Shell, Schlumberger know Oil and they Love Canacol Energy (cne) now clearly! All Facts!..Ecopetrol is Colombia's largest integrated oil company...
Alert: Research analysts at TD Securities target price on shares3D Seismic on Labrador well shows nice 70 acre nice oil well, In Fact this 3D seismic was so smart Canacol wanted to Make Labrador a Sure thing, The Labrador Oil Well Results this Tues. At the very least Labrador will hit drilling basement, and Canacol owns 80% of this Oil Well. Started Drilling Oct 30/2012 (20 days to Drill) IN FACT, Canacol Energy: HAS 50 Leads 1,100,000 Acres in Heavy Oil Basin. CAPELLA, PORTOFINO, CEDRELA, ACHAPO, TAMARIN, SANGRETORO, SERRANIA, LOS PICACHOS, & MACAYA BLOCK$ CANACOL BOUGHT FOR $33 PER ACRE, SELLING NOW FOR $209 PER ACRE..FACT Ecopetrol pays $209 per acre beside PORTOFINO BLOCK. Canacol has just hit Oil at Portofino with Pacific Rubiales, Fact! and now with Exxon 85 feet oil Fact 2 new Oil Blocks, Canacol finds OIL. Fact Labrador 80% CNE. Glad Buying Large today at Canacol Energy (TSE: CNE)
.85 in a report released on Thursday. The firm currently has a “BUY” rating on the stock..
canacol trades at only .29 cents HUGE UPSIDE CLEARLY .85 TD SAYS$