If you are a shareholder of either SHONA or CNE you would have received a printed copy of the NOTICE about 10 days ago...sorry if it was a file I would happily send it to you.

The material  NOTICE suggests that an oil explorer can submit to the ANH a proposal to suspend Contract terms...the ANH can accept the proposal or reject the proposal.  The FARC have had a serious negative impact in the area of OMBU with Sinochem employees kidnapped, truck bombings, road closures..the kind of thing you find in a backward country like COLOMBIA.


The ANH is just being fair. 


Specifically the ANH has agreed to suspending terms on the Serrania block and CONSIDERING the same for the SHONAS Los Picachos and Macaya Licenses.  THEREFORE I discount these blocks in the near term but may help CNE whenever the security issues in the area are resolved.