Does the voting materials allow you to vote online? Management would need to prove the drilling results..It what everyone is waiting for and to see if the SHO deal is worth what they paid for it.. I wondered also to since a business merger if CNE would change names after the consolidation takes place some some companies do when they merge..I do agree with your assesment of splits.. Normally just before a reverse takes place price goes up and then dumped right after the reverse split. It all depends where CNE lands on closing price of the day before reverse split. If CNE can get results prior to the split taking place would give food for thought especially drilling results..Reasonabllly CNE as being a junior for now does have it's quality it's management that needs to get it's act together the split would lead them into mid tier with it's assest and other investors to take a good look at it because of the price..Since Energy sector has been flying a lot of as late and recent M/A activity in the sector it could be shaping up well in the new year..My break even point is also .40 and I still do not have the proxy yet.. I would say the proxy is a done deal with SHO..I would hope CNE shows results before the deal closes...JMHO