Dudes, as I posted before, it was Patagonia's post on the back then v.CNE bb that got me into CNE. At that time, CNE was @ .13 - .15 and when I actually started buying CNE it had moved to .21 - .23 as it was harder to gain a position there without actually chasing it.  But,I can reassure you that Patagonia has been here on the CNE bb for years and he has indeed made a lot of cash.  And he has made me a lot of cash as well, but I have to admit that I should have sold some @ $1.80; nevertheless, he has made me some cash where I was able to slide it all into my v.DCY (which explains why I like DCY). 

In any event, the one disclaimer that I'll use here is that you need to remember that you are the best keeper of your cash!!  Don't listen to me nor Patagonia nor anyone else for that matter. Know when to enter and know when to exit!!

It's just like going to a party.....you have to know when it leave before you go...it's called planning!


Patagonia, you wrote:

I was in the predecessor company to CNE stock at $ 1.30 before it changed to CNE and after checking out the new management and their connections averaged down starting at $ 0.09 and ended up with 1,200,000 shares at an average price of only $0.19. Started selling at $ 0.60 and ended selling over $ 1.80. Seven figure profit was great but started buying back at over $ 1.50 and have been buying ever since. Present average just over $ 0.60. Now an old guy with deep pockets who expects another good run.


RED:  Remember, I was right there with you, but as siad, should have sold @ $1.80!!