This could happen of course and I have had experiens with the kiss of death you refer to but with the present drilling going foward with Exxon Mobil with some  results possible before the reverse split takes place we could be OK. The deep zones seem continuous in the area of drilling and to be spending the large amounts that Exxon Mobil and Shell are commited to gives me a lot of confidence. I have a few friends that have a position and unlike me will not been buying more shares until after the split. I have been buying heavily at these lower prices and sure could be too optimistic. I will not buy any more shares. We can also hope for good results at the Labrador well but there is a risk that the reservoirs indicated on 3D seismic could be wet if the fault seal is not present. I am hoping for the best but at this time am mainly betting on the Exxon Mobil results.