The Mono Arana 1 well should have touched down on or around Nov 13 2012 as the drilling of 9296 ft spud Sept 23 is about 39 days averaging 238 ft per day with only 3204 ft to drill to target depth of 12,500 ft as of Oct 31 that would only require another 13 days more or less after some casing was installed before reaching the target.


CNE is doing a good job of keeping a lid on any news leaked from the drill operator and its site employees...Im getting a slight fishy smell unfortunately with this exploration story.  If I were the onsite operator and the oil shows (would be apparent) or pressures indicated GOOD NEWS on a initial production test the leaked news would have surfaced by now.


Also the Lab 1 well on LLA23 with an estimate of 20 days to drill starting Oct 30 should also be reaching target depth if it hasn't already.