Canacol energy (cne)  Has Value now, trading at only $188,000,000 at close compared to C & C Energia at $565,000,000  ....>>>  Canacol Up 18% and imo GOING Much higher into 2013  SINOCHEM TO BUY CANACOL HEAVY OIL ASSETS? CANACOL'S PARTNER AT CAPELLA OIL FIELD NEXT TO CANACOL'S 1,100,000 ACRES in Heavy Oil Country also beside Pacific Rubiales both Buyout Companies imo... China’s state-backed energy companies are seeking new oil and gas reserves abroad to feed the world’s second-largest economy, especially from regions like Africa where government scrutiny is lighter than in North America or Europe. The deal is the largest for Sinopec Group since its traded unit bought 30 percent of Petrogal Brasil for $4.8 billion last year..